I am Anne-Sofie Brøns-Hansen. I study at KEA, Københavns Erhvervs Akademi. I am an abstract thinker, 20 years old, a singer, the older sister and super creative. At KEA I have learned how to use my skills with theory, the correct tools and methods. Now I can code a website from scratch, I can edit movies and photos, I can analyze companies and their strategies and much more. But most important of all I can put my ideas into action.

Én gang arkitekt, altid arkitekt

This video is made for Christianshavns Kvarter, a danish local TV station. The main purpose of the video was to make an interview with a local from Christianshavn. I did an interview with Per Grønkjær, an acknowledged architect. If I had to continue working with this video I'd work on the jumpcuts an make them less obvious.

Alle for eg

The campaign appeals to children and youngsters from 0. to 6. grade. It is a campaign for CO2 reduction with Naturstyrelsen and Egekilde as collaborators. The most important thing in this task was that the site should be functional and responsive. Otherwise was the focus on the content.


The word "aspicit" is latin and means "she sees". It is a photo blog with pictures, taken by me, from my point of view. The colors and the mood in the pictures describes my personality.

My work process

I use different kind of methods for my projects. My favorite and my first stage in every process is brainstorm. I always write and draw my ideas with pen and paper. It is a creative process that creates new ideas in my head while I am writing. When i have settled with an idea i use my computer for making mockups, wireframes etc.

Color theme

I have chosen primary colors for this project because the campaign appeal to children. color


When i choose typography for my project it is important that it is easy to read. In the project Alle For Eg i have chosen a font that looks like calligraphy. It looks handwritten and give the site personality. font


The purpose of a navigation diagram is to illustrate the navigation on a page. I start my navigation at the homepage/frontpage. navigation


I create wireframes for the purpose of arranging elements on my site. wireframes


A mockup is a full-size model of my design that i use as a prototype before my final solution. mockup


This is a screenshot of the page "konkurrence" and the final result of the campaign Alle For Eg. final

"The film is made in the editing room"


A mockup is a full-size model of my design that i use as a prototype before my final solution.


For editing my videos i use the adobe program Premiere Pro, and for creating motion graphics i use After Effects.


I uploaded the interview, Én gang arkitekt, altid arktiket, to Youtube which is a easy and good platform for watching videos.